• May we bring our own tables and chairs?

    Yes, you may. Please contact the office if you want to bring them the night before your event.

  • May we put up tents at the Club?

    Tents are allowed. Please check with the office if the tent rental company will not be able to deliver during your specified party hours. Also, it is okay to bring 10 x 10 foot pop-up tents. There is an additional charge if water barrels are used as supports. All tents must be broken down and off the premises at the end of your reserved time.

  • Do we bring our own toilet paper?

    We supply all the paper goods, toilet paper and hand towels in the bathrooms. Let the KBC representative (who will be on site for your entire party) know if you need more.

  • Are there trash cans and liners at the Club?

    Yes, we have trash cans and provide the trash bags.

  • Do I need to cover the tables in the serving area or picnic area?

    You should cover the buffet tables where the food is placed. It is optional to cover the picnic tables. The picnic tables are wiped down before each event, though they are weathered since they are outside. All the tables are 12 feet long.

  • Is there any extra seating?

    There are four benches. Three are 8 feet long and one is 12 feet long. The bar has eight bar stools. There are at least 6 plastic chairs.

  • How many tables are at the Club and how many do they seat?

    There are eleven picnic tables. Six are under the Hau tree, which offers shade but not protection from rain. Five are under the roofed area. The maximum seating for the picnic tables is about ten people per table. Approximately 110 people can be seated in the picnic area. The picnic tables are 12 feet long and 30 inches wide. There’s an 8 foot long picnic table near the barbecue area. We also have two 12 foot long buffet tables table under the covered patio.

  • Is there any recreational equipment?

    Yes, we have a volleyball, a volleyball net and horseshoes. Ask the event staff.

  • Is there a barbecue at Kalama Beach Club?

    Yes, we have a covered built-in brick barbecue that is 52 inches wide and 8 feet long. Guests must provide their own charcoal, lighter fuel and barbecue utensils. You are responsible for cleaning it when your event is done.


  • Where can we dispose of large bulky items?

    There is a large dumpster located along the driveway as you exit the Club.

  • May I have party items like slush, shave ice and popcorn machines at my function?

    Yes, these are allowed but do require a usage fee of $25.00/party item. Before your function, please inform the Office 7 days prior to your event if you will be having any of these items.

  • Do I have to clean up after my party?

    We have a custodial crew but we do ask that you take all remaining food and party items and decorations when you depart. Please take down all decorations in the Club area, any burst balloons, decorations in the grass and sand, and any signs or balloons that may have been put up on the street side of the Club.

  • Our party ends at 4:00pm or 9:00pm. Can we stay longer to clean up?

    Party hours are established to include setup and breakdown. Renters are asked to adhere to the designated times of departure.

  • My party starts at 9:00am. May I come the day before, or arrive before 9:00am to drop off or set up?

    Occasionally we allow this but, many times, due to other scheduled events, it is not possible. Please direct questions to the office, either by email or phone. Plan the setup or break down of your party to fall within the scheduled times on your reservation form. All equipment, including rentals, must be broken down and off the premises at the end of your scheduled time.

  • Are bounce houses, slip-and-slide or other inflatable items allowed?

    Yes, up to two inflatable items are allowed for an additional fee of $40.00 per item. If the item has a water feature (e.g. water slides, dunk booths, etc.) the fee is $60.00 per item. Due to the electrical demand placed on the Club, if more than one inflatable is desired, the second inflatable must have its own generator. Any inflatable larger than 15 feet X 15 feet must obtain an okay from the office. A Certificate of Insurance is required from the company providing the inflatable item(s) at least 1 week prior to your event.

  • How many guests will Kalama Beach Club accommodate?

    The maximum number of guests allowed at Kalama Beach Club is 150.

  • What if I have questions during my event?

    A Kalama Beach Club representative will be on site for your entire event. They will empty the trash cans, answer any questions, and make sure your day at the Club is enjoyable.


  • May anyone become a member of Kalama Beach Club?

    There are two categories of membership.

    1. Regular membership for those who own homes within the geographical boundaries of the Kalama Tract.
    2. Associate membership for persons who live outside the boundaries

    For more information, visit the Membership page.


  • May I have music at my party?

    Music is allowed, however it must be acoustic (unplugged). Kalama Beach Club is located in a residential area and must adhere to a City and County Existing Use Permit and Minor Modification agreement.


  • Where’s the designated area for drop-off and pick-up of party items?

    Drive up on the Lanikai side of the clubhouse for drop-off and pick-up. However, after delivery, please park in the designated parking area that is between the ironwood trees and Kalaheo Ave.

  • How many cars can the parking area accommodate?

    The grassy area between the ironwood trees and Kalaheo Ave can accommodate about 75 cars.


  • Are wedding ceremonies allowed at the club?

    Weddings may be performed on KBC property and do not need the City and County wedding permit that is required when on a public beach. There is approximately 12,000 square feet of open space available with an ocean view.