Kailua, “two waters” was known to be a favorite residence of some of Oahu’s 15th Century chiefs. Kailua was once the capitol of the Island of Oahu. In the 1780’s a chief from the island of Maui came to Oahu and settled in Kailua. He later fought and killed the Oahu chief. During the time he ruled, Kailua was the capitol of Oahu.

During the reign of King Kamehameha III, the lands of the kingdom were divided in the Great Mahele. Queen Kalama Hakaleleponi Kapakuhaili (1817-1870), the wife of King Kamehameha III (1813–1854) inherited the land division of Kailua when her husband died.

Harold Kainalu Long Castle (1886-1967), who obtained a great deal of the Kailua area, subdivided the Kalama tract in1925, the first housing tract in Kailua, and named it Kalama in honor of Queen Kalama. Castle set aside the beachfront lot at 280 North Kalaheo Avenue for the use of the home owners in the subdivision. A private clubhouse, built on the lot and dedicated on July 29, 1928, was named the Kalama Beach Club.

During World War II, the club was taken over by the military for use as an officers club. During this time the current covered patio, outside the kitchen, was constructed where a previous trellis structure was.

The hau tree arbor has been in place, although upgraded at times, for over 60 years.

The Club continues to play a roll in Kailua’s history as a wonderful place for weddings, birthdays and events of all kinds, just as it has done for almost 90 years.