Rental of Kalama Beach Club grants use of the grounds.

The parking lot area can accommodate approximately 75 vehicles.

The large grassy area in the front can be used for tents, table and chairs, or an inflatable slide.

The covered patio has buffet tables and benches.

We have a full kitchen, including a stove / oven, a small microwave, a refrigerator / freezer and a sink with hot and cold water. An industrial-sized refrigerator is located on the patio.

Picnic tables, with a barbecue grill on the left, are situated across from the patio.

Next to the gate leading to the back grassy area and beach space, there is an outdoor shower.

You can play volleyball or set up your own games, tents, and chairs on the grass, beachside, or by the parking area.

Event staff will be on site for your entire event, to help with questions, collect trash, and make sure you and your guests enjoy themselves.