Club Rules

Kalama Beach Club (KBC) is open for your function, according to the scheduled times on your Reservation Agreement.

Use of Equipment, Grounds and Kitchen
  • Advance permission and payment of special fees are required for large inflated items and sports equipment, water feature items, and portable party machines such as popcorn or ice machines. Additional fees are due 7 days prior to rental and are non-refundable.
  • All recreational equipment must be accounted for and returned to KBC prior to departure.
  • Fires are limited to the barbecue area. The BBQ pit must be cleaned and covered before departure.
  • If the kitchen is used, the renter must leave the kitchen and sink clean and all utensils must be put away.
  • Bathers must rinse off sand at the outside shower before entering the Clubhouse.
  • For all rentals, a club representative will be on the premises for set-up, during, and the clean-up of all functions.
  • For Member rentals, the Member must be on the premises throughout the rental period, for set-up, during, and the clean-up.
  • All clean-up must be completed, rented equipment and property broken down, lights turned off, beach-side windows closed and beach-side gates locked and all guests must be off the premises by the end of the Reserved Rental Period. The host must remain until all the guests and equipment have left the premises.
Parking and Vehicles
  • Parking is not permitted beyond the iron wood trees except for party set-up.
  • Rental guest vehicles parked in designated Member parking area will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • All vehicles must proceed with caution (10 MPH) and STOP at the KBC exit on North Kalaheo Avenue when leaving.
Prohibited Activities
  • Amplified sound: Due to a conditional use permit and in respect for our neighbors, AMPLIFIED SOUND (increasing the loudness through electronic or mechanical means of iPods, smart phones or car stereos) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This includes, but is not limited to, amplified bands, karaoke, bull horns, all types of radios, automobile stereos and public address systems, before, during or after a function. Any violation of this will result in forfeiture of the ENTIRE SECURITY DEPOSIT!
  • Gambling and possession or use of illegal drugs and/or contraband articles.
  • Pets, except trained service animals.
  • Tacks, nails or staples used in decorating. Decorating is permitted with use of tape and string only. All decorations, including signs at the gate, must be removed prior to departure.
  • KBC assumes no responsibility for the safety of persons using the premises or the adjoining Kailua Beach. All persons are cautioned that there is no lifeguard at this public beach adjoining KBC.
  • Adults with minor children on the KBC premises will supervise them and be responsible for their safety and conduct.
  • The Renter of KBC agrees to be responsible for the conduct of all persons on the premises invited by the Renter.
  • KBC is not responsible for any loss of property due to fire, theft, disappearance, water damage, or any other cause.
  • All damages must be reported to the KBC contact person on the premises. Any repairs thereof are the responsibility of the renter of KBC.

A violation of these rules may result in the loss of your security deposit and / or may impact your membership status.